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Dreamwidth has so many more good themes than LJ does

 Decided to switch my journal themes up for a change. Over at LJ, it was the same browsing through the small assemblage of crappy free themes they've had unchanged for like a decade (choose "Forest Afar"). At DW, meanwhile, you are literally drowning in beautiful free themes (got too overwhelmed to browse them all and settled upon "Pulse")! 

Another point in Dreamwidth's favor.  This is where I declaim something about the elder days passing into younger days, but that's too much work.

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Of course it was only a matter of time until I did this.

I found the audiobooks. The first one I happened to click on is apparently "The Outsider" [изгой, izgoy, I assume in the sense of "outcast"], an old favorite of mine. If there is a reading of the translated "Fungi from Yuggoth and other poems," that would probably be a pretty fun one. And I mean, honestly, I think this language lends itself to the subject matter.

Not that I can understand more than the occasional word, but this is the sort of thing that will (gradually) help change that.


Elf people, someone do something with this premise??

In the course of my occasional googling to see what's holding up the revival of the Lord of the Rings musical (there was originally large text promising us this revival in 2015, which has given place to a vague "COMING SOON", on the website), I noticed a thing.

There is an old discussion thread about the musical, including a review by Mithalwen near the bottom of the page. Apparently Gildor and Glorfindel are both women in the musical version, the former having a different name.

This sounds like something somone should write a badass femslash fic about! Not my niche, but it's just screaming for someone to write it, IMHO.

*a single snowflake falls upon the scorched earth*

Fandom Snowflake Challenge bannerI wasn't going to do Fandom Snowflake, but I'm enjoying the stuff everyone is choosing for Day 7, so naturally I wanted in on this one:

Day 7
In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Instead of a Tolkien thing, I'ma go ahead and share a Lovecraft thing (probably not too surprising at this point).

This is a passage from The Whisperer in Darkness, one of Lovecraft's later novellas. The narrator, Wilmarth, presents the transcript of a record made by his correspondent, Akeley. The latter, dragging a phonograph around (as one does when one suspects aliens are living in the hills out back one's farm), has recorded part of an overheard, unseen ritual:

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Aside from name-dropping half of Lovecraft's major pantheon, this scene is very interesting to me because of the glimpses it gives us of the Mi-go (the alien visitors in question). The Mi-go are my favorites for many reasons, one being that, even while they are given actual voices and demsytified somewhat more than most of Lovecraft's antagonistic forces, the information we are given is just enough to exponentially increase the number of questions I have about them and their motives. For instance, I'm curious about their relationship to Nyarlathotep et al.--they are clearly implied to serve the Outer Gods, but the Mi-go don't strike me as slavishly worshipful types (more, as incurably curious folk who know a good collaborative opportunity when they see one). Their "buzzing voice" is described as terrible to hear, and one later learns that they do surgery on themselves in order to be able to produce semblances of human sounds. They are fucking clever and unnerving and I just love them to bits.

Non-canon stuff:

- This is my fanon Mi-go theme music ("my fanon" bears repeating; I'm sure this innocent theremin composer had nothing of the like in his mind).

- This is my favorite Mi-go fanart [image is slightly gory/body horror and may be disturbing to some].


“We’re Sorry, Celebrimbor” Month: Final post!

June is now over, although since most months have 31 days, I’m happy to consider July 1st as Honorary June. ;)

Celebrimbor appears in the game Shadow of Mordor as a wraith who nags aides an original character in getting revenge on Sauron. Provided the player defeats Sauron, I suppose this is also Good News for Celebrimbor.


Since the last update, bunn has done more art-with-memoir-type-snippet, whilst fic has come from lignota, hhimring, talullahred, starbrow (Amy Fortuna), brookeoflorien, and huinare. Some of these fics may be friendslocked.
[*If I neglected to list your done-after-mid-June work above and you would like to be included, PLEASE message me and accept my apologies, as I can assure you it’s a simple brainfart.]

Final stuff:

- If you didn’t have time to complete your work during June, late entries are always welcome. Just post it wherever you usually do, and if you want to drop me a line about it, I’d love that. :)
- How many of you have done/are planning to put your work on AO3? This was a small challenge; if someone would like a collection that could possibly be done, but I’m not sure if there are going to be more than a couple stories for this on AO3.


Thanks to June’s writers/readers/artists! I hope those who participated in the challenge had fun. Maybe now, having taken a break from heinous cruelty, we can sleep at night, for a little while, at least.  ;)

untitled fluffy-ish animal fic, by Huinárë ["Sorry, Celebrimbor" Month]

Here is my entry to “We’re Sorry, Celebrimbor” Month, at the very last minute!
This is very rough, as I wanted to at least meet my own challenge on time*. Please feel free to nitpick. Some things I could use input on are listed following the story.
Note: late fanworks are welcome! I will do a final post tomorrow, and read the stories I’ve not gotten to yet; sorry I am pressed for time.
Title: [undecided]
Word count: 1,116
Characters: Celebrimbor, Finduilas, Gwindor, Huan, Curufin, OAC (original animal character).
Warnings: I don’t think so?
Summary: Celebrimbor finds a kinder, gentler application for a mind of metal and wheels as he helps an injured dog.
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Sorry, Celebrimbor! :p

I've got my fic plotbunny (let's see if I write it by tomorrow; that would be like a good idea for my own challenge, wouldn't it).

Several of you have linked to new works you've done recently. I look forward to reading them soon. :D I'm currently traveling and still sick, so there may or may not be a bit of a lag.

In the meantime, here is some art.

I'm not sure if this counts as good things happening to Celebrimbor, since he looks miffed and is badly photographed and was the subject of a questionable Artweaver experiment; but I'll count it as a good thing, because the other times I've tried to draw him, he's just looked like my Curumo*, and now I suppose he looks more like himself.

*Actually he still kind of does, except prettier. Blast. I wonder if I've drawn some subconscious parallel in my mind?

Sorry, Celebrimbor: Mid-month(ish) post

I don't know about you, but all I want to write now is write really angsty and/or horrific things. I guess that's why this is a "challenge," eh? Look, I'm "challenging" myself. Hopefully you will excuse the inelegant post, as I'm literally sick and tired, and, predictably, have not yet made good on mine own challenge. ;)

hhimring posted a lovely ficlet about Celebrimbor over on her LJ, and bunn has a delightful visual/narrative post about the first ring made in Eregion (not sure if it's affiliated, strictly speaking, but it looks relevant to me!).

Contrary to the words of the overused song, it is NOT too late to apologize.  There is still almost half of a month to go!

Working on stuff that fits the challenge? Let us know in the comments section! :)

Just walked in and wondering WTF is this? See the tag!