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So, about Celebrimbor...
I had another weird June challenge idea, thanks to a conversation with lignota, this one not nearly as doomy as the one I came up with last year. If anything, it is an attempt to counteract the doom which many of us have inflicted upon a particular character. Thus, I propose:
[informational blurb!]

June, 2015: “We’re Sorry, Celebrimbor” Month

If you’ve written about or drawn Celebrimbor, you likely know how it goes: Before you is an innocent blank page, and, next thing you know, terrible atrocities are befalling Celebrimbor.

Sure, we can fault the Professor for depicting Celebrimbor during the final unhappy phase of his life and thus egging us all on.

But really, it’s time to stop passing the buck.

It’s time to apologize to Celebrimbor for all that we have done.

How does one apologize to Celebrimbor, you ask? So many options. Write a story or create fanart where not-bad things are happening to him! Make a craft he would like to wear, or prepare a meal he would like to eat, and upload photos of it! Make a fanmix or a filk! The possibilities for not treating Celebrimbor with heinous cruelty are extensive.

Questions? Comment on this post. "Anonymous" comments should be enabled, for people without LJ logins; please sign "anonymous" comments.
[/informational blurb!]

If there's more than like three people who would like to participate in this, it's a go. Tell your friends!*
*But don't tell Annatar. Even if he is one of your friends.

People should feel free to reblog this info, by linking to this entry or by copying/pasting the text that falls between [informational blurb!] and [/informational blurb!]


June edit: Now open for business!
See this tag on my LJ for most recent posts pertaining to this lunacy. FAQ is near the bottom of the tag.

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Can't promise anything, as I keep falling off the fandom wagon, but hey, sounds fun!

I'm sure even something short and sweet would be as a balm to Celebrimbor's maltreatment. ;)

... cups of tea...

As it happens I have been drawing Ost-in-Edhil this weekend, and a Second Age roleplaying campaign planned for the end of May, so I'm definitely on for this!

Eee that sounds like fun!

Excellent. =D

I really like the idea! My only worry is: what if I try and not-so-good things insist on happening to him anyway? (Not that I'd be inviting Annatar to the party!)

Oh dear, I'd not considered that (one might think I would, given my history of doing horrible things to characters including but by no means limited to Celebrimbor).

So maybe if it's a story arc that goes downhill for Celebrimbor, it could be broken into short chapters, and the chapter(s) where not-bad-stuff happens could be the Apology?

(n/a) bunn Expand
I'm game, if my muse ever decides to take up residence again. At the least I can design something for him to make.

- Erulisse (one L)

Designing something would be awesome, too! I don't see this as limited to writing, and it might be more fun if it weren't.

I'm in! With the usual caveats about how I often mean to write things and then don't manage to finish them.

Great! And yeah, I don't always Finish All The Stuff myself, it happens.

For yea these many long years my beta has asked me to write an AU in which Celebrimbor and Galadriel run away together and are blissfully happy in between raging fights and escaping from potentially life threatening situations.

I will not write that fic because I think it's about 100k long, but - something.

Yay, something! :)

The former idea does sound like longfic potential. I suppose it would be difficult to write a short prologue/prelude without getting sucked into the longer story? I mean, I'd find it difficult, and I've been avoiding the thought of longfic like the plague because I've had a "finished" one sitting around for >3 years and still being "edited." X)

BTW, is this good to go and be re-blogged for signal-boosting?

Sure. I've altered the post slightly to include re-blogging options at the bottom. =D

(Looks like my test anon comment just replied to you instead of to the post...sorry!)

Testing anonymous comment

Anonymous comment function has been enabled as a courtesy, in the event that someone without a LiveJournal account gets wind of this and has burning questions. Please sign your comment.

- Huinare

I've written him as part of my stories, but never tried to write a story about him. I'd like to try.

Excellent. \o/ The more the merrier.

I'm totally in! I've been saying for ages that Celebrimbor needs some happiness, poor darling.

Yesss, welcome aboard!

I tend to skew rather dark in my writing, so of course it was all too easy for me to mess with Celebrimbor. This challenge is good for me, personally, to step outside my morbid comfort zone. =D

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