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14th-Sep-2014 10:26 pm - HASA
l'exil et le royaume
I imagine most people this effects have seen the news already, but the Hennuth-Annun Story Archive will be closing at the end of this year.

I was not particularly active on HASA, but this is sad news nonetheless.

aliana1 is holding a public wake/appreciation post for HASA.
7th-Sep-2014 08:41 pm - Fanart I found
I gather that the artist goes by Alllor. I love their style (when one considers my aesthetic sensibilities as reflected in my own artsy shamblings, tihs probably makes sense, and yes my Russian Tolkien fandom fixation is apparently here for the long haul).

Left to right: Olórin, Aiwendil, Curumo. That particular Curumo is the one from The Black Book of Arda. I have possibly mentioned that he is a tragic lunatic genius double-dealer who is obsessed with that chalice (among other things). <3

ETA - also, have video footage of Christopher Tolkien. It never would have occurred to me to look for this, but I randomly happened upon it.
My topic: 100 Literary Characters Who Have Affected Me

Two years into the challenge and I'm already on post #3! Tremble in awe!
In the tag, I will be including the occasional "appendix" post as a shout-out to television/film characters whom I find personally meaningful for whatever reason. I was thinking of making those part of the challenge, but then I noticed that my topic as chosen two years ago was specifically literary characters. Just as well, really. The first literary character I blogged about was Bagheera, and already we have another sentient big cat coming down the pipe:

Ratha from Clare Bell's "Named" seriesCollapse )

[Yes I am counting this as one of my defunct (delayed) 100 Things posts, my topic of choice having been "fictional characters who have affected me." If the pictures don't explain that sufficiently, we're probably not very well acquianted.]
l&#39;exil et le royaume
I follow a grand total of 3 television series and 1 podcast, and even that seems to be too much for me to keep tabs on.  I've fallen ~3 months behind on Welcome to Night Vale! Not sure if there are any other fans here besides aliana1, but I think more than a few of you would get a kick out of it. To me, it's a bit like Beckett meets Lovecraft.

If any of you should want to check it out, here's a quick link to one of the feeds (most recent at the top), which I always have a ridiculous amount of trouble locating from their main page.

I had to start catching up with "A Story About Them," and this morning I listened to "Parade Day."  Like many long-running media that begin less seriously, it has gotten more serious in terms of plot events and continuity (like, one really roots for these goofy characters and is concerned for their fate), but they've so far managed to retain a lot of the original deadpan bizarreness, which I appreciate. I still have 5 episodes until I'm caught up (and apparently there has been a mayoral election? *bites nails* *is VERY partisan*).

One awesome thing which Night Vale does is to give new musical artists broader exposure during the "weather" segment. I discovered the song I want played at my wake and/or reception and/or Tibetan sky burial, "This Too Shall Pass" by Danny Schmidt, via the weather. The episode "Parade Day" features "Take Up Your Spade" by Sara Watkins. This somehow reminds me of Mumford and Sons meets Sarah McLachlan (maybe it's just me).
  Mairon: Huinárë, we need to talk.
  Me: Yes, I know, I'll work on it tonight, I promise.
  Mairon: Your promises tend to be empty, yet this was not what I wished to speak about. I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that you appear to have named our latest story after a series of collectors' plates.
  Me: ... Well technically, the story title has a definite article in front of it whereas these plates don't, and also their gardens are plural and ours is singular.
  Mairon: It's close enough to be embarrassing. Although, this one isn't half bad.  I require the Cranes of Eternal Life.

  Me: I am not buying you a collectible plate.
  Mairon: You do not think I deserve a collectible plate?
  Me: Okay, how about Goldfinches of Virtue?

  Mairon: We're done here.
1st-Jul-2014 05:20 am - June of Doom & Gloom - Wrap-up!
Welcome to the wrap-up, where I'm not linking to the original post because now it's done and I'm too lazy! hurrah!

Thank you very much to everyone who participated, whether it was by writing drabbles, ficlets, or using the opportunity to pick up an unfinished work. I was delighted to see the variety of work this spawned. I will likely host this little challenge again next June (and maybe make some banners or something y/y?)

Attn: I will make a round-up post of links to stories next week (8 Jul). If you would like your work(s) to be included in the round-up post, please do drop a link in the comments section below before then.
Multiple links are acceptable if you archive in multiple places (links to LJ, dA, etc. also cool).
[ETA - if someone does not have LJ but happened to write something for this, anon is now enabled so people who aren't registered on this site can comment here. I'd thought I had it enabled before, but no.]

ETA 2 - Behold, the shiny new AO3 collection! Do make use of this. Posting to the collection should be open now. Many thanks to Zdenka/lignota for doing most of the work involved in setting this up.
Welcome to week 4 (challenge details here yadda yadda)! We still have a week until July 1st, so we're not off the hook yet. I'm excited that finished stories have appeared on the scene!
Discussion in comments, if so desired. Woes, gloating, links to your stories? Optional discussion topic for all: Are there ways in which your writing has changed since around this time last year--in terms of writing style, themes, plot devices, characters, or whatever else? Go!
curumo ii
If I understand correctly (based upon the really inadequate in-browser translations and my limited grasp of the orthography), a Russian entity at some point in the recent past--or possibly present--made a musical of the Russian fanfic The Black Book of Arda?
Just linking to my tumblr thing for simplicity's sake.

I have been cursing loudly in my intrigued befuddlement for the past hour or so.
A slightly belated welcome to the third week of this here.

Have another update/progress/discussion post thing. Any progress in your writing, frustrations, new plot bunnies? Feel free to gab. General discussion question (all welcome, participants or otherwise): Are there particular characters you tend to victimize select more frequently as subject matter when writing sad, scary, or otherwise not-lighthearted stories? or particular groups/settings/time periods? Put another way, are there certain characters who just can't seem to catch a break from you in your fanworks?
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